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Beaches Productions have a wide range of radio mic systems to meet your specific production needs.  We have a range of Shure (SLX & ULX) and Sennheiser (G3 100 & 500 series) radio mic systems which are available individually or in units of 2, 4, 6 or 8. We can put together a solution of up to 24 systems. Neoprene belts are included with every belt pack. We recommend antenna splitters for systems of 4 or larger. 


We stock a range of microphones for different needs. For the best sound, hire the DPA dFine or 4066 series mics. The omnidirectional headset microphone feature a comfortable, easy to adjust headset that won't fall off even the smallest child's head. For the budget conscious, we recommend the Urban headset mic - it's great for miking minor roles and the chorus. The Sennheiser ME 3-EW cardioid headset is a solid mic that has a rock feel. It's great for dance numbers. 


We can also supply batteries (AA, AAA & 9V Duracell) in bulk quantities at competitive prices. 


For more information on radio mic hire please use the form below. 

Radio Mic Hire

Sennheiser G3 System

DPA 4066 Headset Mic

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